If you still get a thrill when you recall Desmond Howard's Heisman pose or any of Jerry Rice's Superbowl touchdowns then you're probably a fan of the Adams sports apparel company, even if you didn't know why.

Howard and Rice, along with countless others, have all worn the Adams equipment at some time or another, which makes the company a firm favorite amongst football enthusiasts from little league to the top elite echelons all across America, despite undergoing a part-liquidation back in 2014.

Rich in History: The Company Profile

Adams USA Inc. has a long, rich history which began with the company (then called Adams Plastics) manufacturing chinstraps and facemasks in their tiny Cookeville, Tennesse factory way back in 1947. Today, Adams occupies a massive 200,000 square feet in the same location and produces some of the most innovative sports equipment to be found anywhere in the country.

A lot of great athletes started out using Adams equipment in school sports, and they still do.

Product Line

Currently, the Adams' product pallet contains everything from chinstraps, belt seats and helmet caps to uniforms and supporters clothing. And it's not restricted to just football anymore either.

Adams has long since rounded up experience and expertise in many other sports including baseball and soccer and even produce nets for basketball, volleyball, and hockey.

Now part of the Schutt Sports family of brands, Adams no longer caters just to players. The company provides a range of high-end apparel and equipment for game officials too and exerts exactly the same quality assurance and performance expectations you can find in all Adams products.