Best Blank T Shirt Brands 2017 – An Awesome Guide To Follow


Best Blank T Shirts 2017

There are many options when considering high quality blank t shirts year over year. However If you want the low down on the best blank t shirts for 2017 read on! We are picking a few of our favorites that stand the test of time and provide a fresh color pallet for 2017.

We are going to lay out a few of our favorite t shirts. The best blank t shirts 2017 consist of three lightweight and two heavy weight options. Here they are by the numbers.

Next Level 3600

Next Level 3600 Black

At an average cost in the mid three to four dollar range this blank t shirt won’t break the bank!

Don’t let the price fool you the next level 3600 is a very popular blank shirt used by many multi national bands and brands to re-label and create high quality merch.

The lightweight next level 3600 boasts a 3.5 oz fabric weight and 100% cotton makeup.

With fresh new colors like tahiti blue and staples like black and white. We like this blank t shirt for the beach and the club!


Anvil 980

The Anvil 980 tee shirt is a lightweight tee shirt that is made from 100% cotton allowing for many print mediums including the always popular direct to garment and the lesser known but highly desirable discharge screen print. It is designed in such a way that it offers great relaxed athletic fit. This is one of the tee shirts that cost less yet is of high quality even after washing.

This is also a fitted tee shirt with a high quality and denser thread count compared to other options this shirt made our list because of it’s price, tubular construction and  overall quality to price ratio. With over fifty colors to choose from there is a match to any brand.

Bella Canvas 3006

The high quality 3006 long body tee shirt is super soft and super trendy! This fast fashion style drop tail is probably going to be on its way out by 2019 but for now it’s here and hot!

The colors are limited to staples but the cut and feel are unmatched! At over 33 inches long this t shirt is made from super soft 100% ring spun cotton or if you want to mix it up grab a dark grey made from a super soft cotton poly blend

The style and unmatched precedent set by this blank tee put it on our list for best blank t shirts 2018

best blank t shirts 2018

Alternative 5050

The high quality Alternative Apparel 5050 short sleeved tee shirt is as the name implies made from a 50% cotton 50% polyester blend. This tee shirt sports a fitted look and an edgy appeal.

With double contrast stitch on the neckline and hem line this shirt is made to last. Use it for sale in your cross fit, yoga studio, or pilates class and laugh all the way to the bank as you undercut lulu lemon while making margin and not sacrificing quality.

This Alternative short sleeved tee shirt has minimal shrinkage after washing with no apparent change in color or quality. At 4.4 oz this blank t shirt has a comfortably light feel.

light weight and versatility make this shirt among the best blank t shirts of 2017.

Champion T425

Call it a comeback! This shirt has so much charisma it’s sick! Champion t-shirts ooze that oh so nostalgic 90’s college life. Think PCU! Heavy weights are making a comeback in a big way. Let’s just say we feel like light weight shirts are still 2017 but looking towards 2018 we see heavy weight shirts re-emerging to claim the belt.

The Champion T425 is a comfortable relaxed 6oz shirt with generous sleeve hems and and a classic C logo on the left sleeve. This blank t shirt has a place for almost everyone, it’s perfect for shool pep squads, your dad and hipsters alike.

The rough construction, nostalgic appeal and 100% cotton makeup help this t-shirt round out our best blank t shirts 2017 line up.



Creating a clothing line

So you want to create your own clothing line? Well, first things first: youre in for an interesting ride. Creating a clothing line is simple in theory, but there are a whole host of things you need to consider before you dive into the business. Things can begin to become complicated if you dont quite have your head wrapped around the processes, and its not as easy as deciding you want a clothing line and magically making this vision appear. There are certain factors that come into play which rule the business of clothing line creation, and these factors may differ from person to person. It really all depends on the unique circumstances that surround each individual case.

So where do I begin?

Set a theme

Firstly, youll need to discover the type of clothing line you wish to create. Your clothing line can be anything from a street/urban line, to a high-fashion line, to a boutique line, but youll need to discover your true fashion calling prior to the lines development.

Have the appropriate expertise

Once you have the type of line sorted out, youll then be tasked with the duty of conjuring up the designs for each item of clothing. But how is this done? If you aren’t artistically inclined yourself, or are unwilling or simply unable to develop the prototype designs for the pieces, there are a few things you can do to accomplish this fete. Seeking out the assistance of a fashion designer is a great way to get your ideas brought to life, and many clothing lines have been created via the use of such a medium.

Plan your workforce

Youll need to decide whether or not to bring on team members earlier rather than later. Its impossible to run a clothing line without more employees than merely the creator, and although the beginning stages dont really require this kind of emphasis on scaling, youll need to take on employees eventually. Youll also need to decide whether or not these employees will play active roles in the artistic development of line, or if they are only to be employed for labor purposes. Will you have a team with like minded individuals working together to complete a collective vision? Or will your line be a captain manning a vessel, with only the hiring of others taking place to produce the tangible product?

Now that we’ve run through the basics, let’s move on to a more important point – budget.

Keeping control of the budget

Perhaps the biggest issue on the mind of every clothing line creator is the topic of cost and budgeting. Costs need to be kept low, but if you aren’t aware of the processes of the business, youll probably find this part to be extremely troublesome.

Freelance designers can work on a small contract basis, and at a relatively low cost if the job is of minimal effort and time strain, making this specific avenue highly suitable for a startup clothing line. They can create mock-up designs of the envisioned items, or develop full-fledged prototypes of the pieces. Youll need to consider a few things on your end, though, to ensure that costs independent of service-for-hire costs is kept to a minimum.

Keeping the colors to a minimum having a scaled down color pallet ensures the costs associated with this factor are also kept low. Small amounts of colors, in both the variation of colors, and in the sheer usage of non-black-and-white, all ensure the printing of designs is cheap and affordable, something essential for a start-up clothing line with a limited budget. The types of fabrics are also factors that can impact the total costs, and youll need to decide the types of materials youll use for the manufacturing process.

The basics to clothing line creation are applicable throughout every specific endeavor one is likely to pursue. Although there does exist a set of processes that should be adhered to with regards to creating a clothing line, its important to consider your unique situation, your personal goals, and your individual needs before you set off on your journey. The steps best suited to be taken by you, may differ from the next persons, which is all dependent on the specific factors and circumstances that surround your case. Taking these things into consideration, whilst understanding the ins and outs of the business, is the first and most crucial step you need to take when your clothing line is taken into development.